Update on Kiryampunu: The water well in Kiryampunu was installed and officially dedicated on December 1st.  We are also currently installing the 3rd well in Kindinzi and will post pictures and provide an update when this well is completed. Here is part of an email we received from Pastor Raymond Kaija after the well was installed. "Our sincere thanks to Soul Thirst Africa for extending a helping hand to my community and make it possible for the many communities in Uganda more so Western Region access clean and healthy water. We are having very many cases of children dieing due to cases related to drinking of very dirty water. Such constructions of these well do help us a lot prevent our children from early death due to unhealthy water, and also reduces the distance these kids and their mum travel to get water. Thank you and may the God lord continue to bless you all"

Bill Brimer will be leading a group to Africa at the end of April to visit the 3 wells that SoulThirst Africa has helped to install. If you are interested in going on this trip please use the contact page on our site and we will contact you immediately. 

photos from the spring 2014 trip below

see photos from the installation below.

Our next projects include other villages in the Masindi District of Uganda where we have been invited by friends to partner in providing clean water.